Ada Bible Church , Ada, Oklahoma

Ada Bible Church

Ada Bible Church is a Non-denominational church with more than 10,000 weekly members , this church is headed by Pastor Jeff Manion , his church is located at 8899 Cascade Rd SE, Ada, MI 49301, United States.Ada Bible Church

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  • Phone number: 616.868.7005

Ada Bible Church is one of the best churches in Oklahoma , United States Of America.


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BE THE CHURCH In this season, one of our desire is to stay engaged and active in our community! Intentionally looking for and responding to opportunities to be the church and share the love of God with those around us. One of those opportunities happened when we heard from a local ministry, Inner City Christian Federation (ICCF), that they needed twin beds for an emergency housing unit. We were so excited to jump in and meet this need! ICCF has 5 housing units where they provide families who are experiencing homelessness clean and private housing, with the hope of moving them to permanent housing in 30 days. This unit is fully furnished and ready for a family to move in, except for those 3 twin beds. Here are some pictures of them getting delivered yesterday!!

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